Roses and Skulls

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Billie Rose

Growing up in a notorious motorcycle club sounds like fun, yeah?

It was for a time. I was the Rebel Skull’s cherished and protected little MC princess. My childhood was storybook perfect. In my world, nothing bad existed. My days were spent on the back of my dad’s bike or playing in the woods with my grandfather. Together we battled bad guys and slayed dragons.

And then tragedy struck.

I didn’t know that there were bad guys in real life. Dangerous ones with no moral compass.

Now, their little princess is nothing but angry.

Angry because no one warned me about the harsh reality of life. No one prepared me for this level of pain. And that’s how my secrets begin. I had to find my own way to rid myself of the poison running through my veins.

With each drop of blood that spills, it dulls the ache but never erases the pain.

That is until someone comes along who isn’t afraid of my thorns. No, he presses his flesh right up against them. He thinks he can just walk in and jumpstart my broken heart.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one he must go through to get to it.

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